Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window

Today’s trick is about uninstall backtrack from your duel boot system. Here are some simple step that can be used to remove backtrack from your system .Yes you can’nt uninstall backtrack like other but you can remove it from window and bootloader.

BackTrack was a distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. It was named after backtracking, a search algorithm. In March 2013 the Offensive Security team later replaced it with a successor product, Kali Linux.

While  backtrack removing from windows you may lose MBR so it is necessary that
you should have a bootable windows disk or bootable window setup in your usb drive .
Here are the steps how to create a bootable windows setup in usb.

Now here are the steps to remove backtrack from windows system

  • Click on start button, right click on computer and then press on manage .manage thumb Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window
  • Go to disk management, there will be either one or two unknown partitions of drivebacktrack on window  Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window
    Their will be two partitions if backtrack is using a separate swap area otherwise there will be only one partition.
    They will appear as unknown because Linux use ext file system and for windows they are unknown.
  • Delete these backtrack partitions
    ubuntu part thumb Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window 

    Please Note that while deleting these partition your boot table may also get deleted.
    Now Restart your system if window boot normally, if so then no need to go further.
    Else if  there is only a command prompt grub rescue then proceed as guided further.
    So make sure that you have bootable disk or have an bootable image in your usb drive.

  • Boot your system with bootable window disk or bootable window usb disk.
    windows7 3 thumb Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window
  • Now click on repair your computer
  • Goto command prompt and execute the commands as shown after this image

    window repair thumb Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window
  • First command is to fix MBR And Second Is For Fix Boot
    bootrec.exe /fixMBR
    bootrec.exe /fixBoot
    fixmbr fixboot thumb Uninstall BackTrack From System And Recover Window
  • Third Command is optional bootrec.exe /ScanOs, Don’nt worry if it return 0.
  • Restart your system Try this and I will appreciate your feedback regarding this post.
    Good Luck And Thanks for listening .
    Have a nice day.

  • Brony

    You sir, have saved me
    a reimage of my computer! I figured the least I could do was to use some of
    that saved time for some feedback. I’ll go through what I did and what the
    results were in order to let you know how your article helped and help anyone
    else with the same (or similar) issue:

    I installed Windows 7
    Pro on my main hard drive (C), and then installed Backtrack on a second hard
    drive (D) with the option to choose each time between the two operating
    systems. Then, in Windows I used the Computer Management tool to delete the
    partitions on my secondary drive (D) in order to use it as a file storage drive
    in Windows. Upon rebooting I realized what I had done when I received the
    following error message:

    > error: no such
    device: 58ABF29C…

    grub rescue>

    Then, after finding this article, I simply popped my Windows 7
    installation disk in, ran the first two commands (bootrec.exe /fixMBRand
    bootrec.exe /fixBoot) in the command prompt, and now my computer boots
    normally again. (Plus, now I don’t get the annoying prompt to choose the OS every

    Thank you again Rohit!

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  • Maryam

    Thanks alot..it works….

  • Locoboy71

    Thank you very much it works like a charm.

  • ziYa

    Hey i am sorry but i didnt have The bootable Windows disk what do i do
    now? ?

  • http://twitter.com/elisxh Elisxhar

    working 100% for my Vista.Thank you cheers from Greece

  • buffernow

    sorry to say jiya but you must have bootable diskor bootableiso image file

  • Ro Doppenberg

    just kicked-off backtrack on a dual boot system (win7 ultimate),,

    system didn’t start properly

    Heart beats faster, breath gets short
    and there’s cold sweats.

    works perfect… thx

  • Matt

    You saved my alienware! Thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.tolchin Andrew Tolchin

    Thank you very much! Very easy to understand description of the actions to restore windows

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    Works great man thanks