Display Reminder Message Before Shutdown

Here Is the Second Version of Run on Shutdown. Using This Application You Can Display a Message Just Before the Window Shutdown. This New Version Contain A New Feature Of Audio Alert. When Window Is About To Shutdown Audio Message Alert You And Message Box Display Your Message. Continue reading “Display Reminder Message Before Shutdown”

SelfDelete Executable In C#

In My Previous Project Keylogger Generator (How Keyloger steal your password ) I Discover The Code How To Create Self  Delete exe Before Explain It In C#, Let Me Explain Who Help Me,
I Got The Algorithm From http://www.catch22.net/tuts/selfdel.There Is Source Code In C++. Continue reading “SelfDelete Executable In C#”

Format Drive Using C#

Dot Net(.NET) does not have any internal assembly to format the windows drive. So technically using standards programming technique you can not perform format task with
VC++, VB or C# .But there is always an alternative 🙂  .
the format of windows drive in c# can be performed by using DOS COMMAND.

Source code is free to download 😉 .

Continue reading “Format Drive Using C#”