Simple Tab Slider Joomla free module

Introducing simple tab slider module for Joomla.This image slider is Jquery based. Slider is free for download.

simple tab slider

  • No complex interface
  • No complex setting panel
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 Not tested on Joomla 3.0
  • JED Approved



1. It’s Simple, no Unnecessary Styles or Effects

2. Tabbed  Interface

3. Full Control to Style-match with your Joomla Site

4. Flexible and Easy to Use.

Style Option

1. Color Scheme Setting

2. Layout setting e.g Width And height.

3. Custom class

4. Show thumbnail or not.



Customize the height and width of the slider according to your template layout.Insert custom css class.


Adjust color scheme according to your Joomla template.


Configure individual tab.

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  • tcx

    Why can’t download?

    There is: “You must enable the javascript to download the content.” but I have enable javascript

    • buffernow

      Sorry we recently update our theme
      now you can download it