SelfDelete Executable In C#

In My Previous Project Keylogger Generator (How Keyloger steal your password ) I Discover The Code How To Create Self  Delete exe Before Explain It In C#, Let Me Explain Who Help Me,
I Got The Algorithm From Is Source Code In C++.
It works Like That.
  1. Execute Original File(First.exe)
  2. First.exe Copy Second.exe Into Temporary Directory.
  3. First.exe Execute Second.exe And Exit.
  4. Second.exe Delete First.exe.
    If You Understand This You Can Create Self Deletable Exe In Any Language.

Here I Will Explain It In C#.
I’m Using Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
First Of Create The Console Project  Name “selfdel” ,Which Will Delete The Original File.

Compile It.

Now Create Another Project Name “Suicide”
Add The File suicide.exe in Suicide Project.
Now Right Click To Open selfdel.exe
Set Its Build Action To Embedded Resource.

These Are The Main Step You Have To DO.
Rest Of Things You Will Learn From Its Source Code
Download Source Code From The Link End Of This Article.

How It Works:
When You Start Suicide.exe
It Will Create The selfdel.exe In [AppDataLocalTEMP] Directory
Write Its Current Path To Registry.
Execute The seldel.exe And Exit.

Now selfdel.exe Get The Suicide.exe Path From Registry.
Delete RegistryKey.
Delete The Suicide.exe

Isn’t Simple.

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