reset wordpress admin password

forget wordpress admin password. no worry , there is a simple way how to reset wordpress admin password.

cms don’t use plain text to store the password. WordPress stores its password using md5 encryption in mysql database.
Here is some simple steps to reset wordpress admin password from phpmyadmin .

  1. Type the new password in the textbox you want to set and press get md5 button .
    this widget convert you password to encrpted md5 hash
    [do_widget id=text-18]
    Now copy the md5 hash generated by this widget.
  2. Now open phpmyadmin from cpanel of your site. click on database  that your  wordpress using . Now open wp_users table.
    Note:you can find your database name from wp-config.php file in wp root directory.
    Line:                [php]define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘your wp db name’);[/php]

    reset wordpress admin password
     Note:in picture We are using prefix “phoenix”
    by default it will be “wp”

  3. Now goto to the users table and find admin row.
    wordpress lost admin password
  4. click on edit and paste the md5 hashes in user_pass field.
  5. your wordpress will use your new password to login .
  6. login again with new password

If you have still problem then you can watch youtube video tutorial

this tutorial used inbuilt md5 function of phpmyadmin anyway.
try this and enjoy.