Php profile badge script for your site

Many sites owner need a php profile badge script for their users.For example indiblogger provide the Indian blog rank of users. Facebook provide profile badge code. One of my client also needed this script as they provide feedback option of the product.Which will display user rating score,user’s website score product quality etc.

php profile badge script

Well the badge script in php is very easy concept. You can develop badge script in following three ways.

1. Badge code With php only.

2. Badge code With iframe.

3. Badge code with php and JavaScript using jsonp.

Its all depend upon to which method you want to pick.

Badge script with php only


In this we will call direct a php server files in script tag. Indiblogger use this type of badge script.
for example :
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script>

Where badge.php is file in server example and id is unique id.that may be your user id or site id

All designing of gadget will be in badge.php

Badge script with iframe

In this method we will use the same url as above but instead of script tag we will use iframe.

Iframe can provide width and height control according to user’s site

For example :

in this method also designing of gadget or badge will be inside badge.php.

Badge script with php and javascript using jsonp

This is bit complex and delicious method.
In this case we will provide a javascript code to the client ,which will look exactly like google translate  widget code.
client doesn’t have direct access to server file.

Javascript call the server file. I mentioned here jsonp because due to to same origin policy we can not access the data from remote server using Ajax, so we have to use the JSONP.
In this method all designing held by javascript. Server file just provide data in json format.

Example of google translate :


Download And Demo Coming soon ………….