Survey monkey width issue

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Survey monkey width issue

Survey monkey provides full control for its embedding code. But I found some interesting thing in it. My client gave me the issue that survey monkey embed code just breaking his prestashop template. I found survey monkey embed code in CMS

Survey monkey uses Badge script with iframe as I mentioned in the article Php profile badge script for your site

It was its height and width problem .The client doesn’t have the credential of its survey monkey .So i had to find another alternative. The trick is below.

Embed code provided by the survey monkey

If the result does not fit with our layout we can modify the survey monkey iframe code as blow


in above code we replace url
to an another url
where mykey is your server key.

So with the new code you can control the embed code without going into your survey monkey account.


IE bug: Object doesn't support this action for "item"

As a web developer we have to write codes supported by maximum or all browsers.A few people love Internet Explorer,and our clients do not wan to skip ie users. Although there are many reason to hate the ie .but this strange reason added o my dictionary today :  Object doesn’t support this action.

I was testing a shopify site and in pre-installed theme there was a JavaScript function that add items in cart the word “item” causing this error of Object doesn’t support this action.
this function works well in other browser like Firefox and chrome but in Internet explorer it fails.after testing it by developer console of internet explorer I got this


after a long search I found that item is reserved keyword for internet explorer, whether you are using internet explorer 8 ,ie 9 or ie 10 in any of your os xp vista ,window 7 or window8.
it is reserved can’t use item as javascript variable.

so the possible solution of this is to remove all javascript variable item with some other like itemx or cart item

item is reserved keyword for internet explorer you can find the proof in this blog post

so next time you stuck with Object doesn’t support this action thing then check whether it is reserved keyword or not.