How To Create Anticopy For Window In C#

Cryptex Become Complicated ,So I tried To Separate Its Feature.Today I Extract Its Anticopy Feature.
Anticopy Works On Two Registry Tricks And One  Window Clipboard Hack.
1st Registry Trick Is Used To Disable Window Drag and Drop Feature.
You’ve Seen That Whenever We Drag Something,A Small Shadow  Move Along With Pointer.
This Shadow Has Some Height And Width(Called Drag Height And Width).
Window Specify Its Height & Width In Registry.By Default Its Value Is “4”.Registry Key Shown In Fig.

If The Value Of Its Height & Width Increased Up to Screen Resolution .Then There Will Be No Drag Or Drop.So I Increase Its Height & Width To “9999”

2nd Registry Trick Is Used To Disable Right This Can Be Done Using Registry Key

Change Value
To null “ ”

And The Third Is To Clear Window Clipboard in Every 5Sec.When We Command Window To Perform Copy, It Copy Content From Source in Clipboard And Then It Paste To Destination .So Copy Operation Will Not Work Even ctrl+c Or ctrl+v Not Work.

Here Is The Application SnapShot

Download  it With Full Source Code From Here
Improve It,You Can Protect Application Using Password.To Secure  Your System.
If Drag Drop Disable, You Can’nt Move Your Window With Mouse.However ‘alt+space’ can be  used to do that.

And If you hold ctrl+c more then 5sec it will show error.
error can be eliminated by increasing time of its timer.