Free blog module for prestashop

Hi guys, in this post I will tell you importance of the blog in ecommerce website and introducing free blog module for prestashop.

A blog is a very important part of ecommerce website because it increases the visitors of your website, also support SEO. By integrating a blog in your website you can do the marketing of your products like products feature, advantages and other information for user. It also help you when, suppose user want to know something about the product than, he do not need to call you he can go to your blog and find the information he wants.

You can add your upcoming products for increasing their market value before their launch, and also give information about your company.  You can do promotion and advertisement of your product in blog. By using blog in the website it increase the content present in the website, which helps the search engine crawler to crawl the website and provide the best result for the user who is searching. Blog helps the website in lot of ways like in SEO, marketing, helps crawler, cheap and useful etc.

Now a day’s PRESTASHOP is common ecommerce tool which is used by the people to create there ecommerce website. Now we will learn how to integrate a blog in prestashop based website. In prestashop based websites we need to add a blog module to the website for integrating the blog.

Steps to integrate the blog to prestashop:

1)      GO to this link

2)      Scroll down the page, click on the zip file with name and download it.

3)      Now install the this free blog module for prestashop website, and you ready to use the blog in your website with a lot of features.

Module Features:

* Allow admin to create, edit, remove categories with multi levels
* Allow admin to create, edit, remove Posts
* Allow admin to manage comment ( Approve, Remove)
* Allow admin to manage Tags
* Admin can enable or disable comment ability for each Post
* Support URL-Friendly
* Support Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords for categories, Post
* Allow show categories, Tags on the left or right
* Allow show the latest Posts on the left or right
* Support Multi languages
* Support Captcha to protect the site from spam
* Support Pagination on list post if number of posts more than 10 items

free blog module for prestashop free module for prestashop

Live Demo


This is all about, how to integrate blog to prestashop. Hope it will help you guys.