Facebook Messenger Offline Setup

I have seen there is problem in installation of facebook-messenger, when people do it with slow internet speed the alternative must be Facebook Messenger Offline Setup.

now there is no need to install messenger online. here is Alternate (offline) facebook messenger installer for window user.
fb2 thumb Facebook Messenger Offline Setup
I just create its offline setup package.

this is official facebook messenger except you don’t need to install it online .

I just recombined messenger’s files and create a full facebook messenger offline installer download and share .

this facebook offline installer comes with inbuilt video call plugin.

snapshot :
facebook installer1 Facebook Messenger Offline Setup

Key Features

  • Well, This is official Facebook Messenger, but you don’t need to install / download it online.
  • This Installer package consist of the messenger’s files that are created by Online installer. These files are re-combined to create this Offline-Installer.
  • This Offline Installer also consist of Video Call Plugin for video calling through Facebook.
  • This Installer is too much easy to install, just a single click and you will be all done.

Facebook Messenger Offline Setup



  • Just Save the binary file of the Installer Package.
  • After downloading, Run the Binary/Setup file and start chatting with your Facebook friends.

Updated : FB Video Call Setup

Thank you

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