Disable Google Chrome Cache

Hi fellows,

In this post I will tell you how to Disable Google Chrome Cache. As we know Google Chrome is the fastest browser, so it is best for Developer to work at Google Chrome.

Web browsers cache content on the client machine, in memory and on disk. Chrome cache pages fast then other browser. Caching is used to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and load page faster.
Caching is good for end users but not for developer and designer.

In firefox you can disable cache by using developer tool disable menu.

disable firefox cache

But developer tool doesn’t disable the cache of google chrome. Sad smile


We can disable Cache from Google Chrome in three easy steps.

  1. Open Developer Console :
    You can open developer console by clicking on customization button in the top right side of the browser,then go to TOOLS after that click on DEVELOPER TOOLS option. 

    disable google chrome cache

    just mouse right click and click inspect element context menu.

    google cache setting

  2. Open Setting Gear :
    To open setting gear click on gear button in bottom-right side of the browser.
    disable google chrome cache
  3. Check Disable Cache under general option :
    Now just check “Disable Cache” under the General Settings.

disable google chrome cache


This is all about Disable Google Chrome Cache.

Thanks for reading. Smile