PageMenu : Different Nav Menu on specific pages

WordPress allow only one menu for one location , But if you need specific nav menu on specific pages or post in then here is the solution.I have upgraded PageMenu after 2 years , with this  feature to show different nav menu on specific pages ,post and custom post with additional feature to hide or show specific menu item in selected menu .


I want it to be simple ,So in this plugin you will see no settings no extra stuff to do with menu. traditional method to display specific menus for specific page

if(is_page(array('1','2'))) { 

wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'menu1' ));

} else { 

wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'menu2' ));

Source : StackOverflow

Well if you want the different menu for just one or two pages then I will say you can use above method  but if there are plenty  of pages you want different menus on each then page menu will be the best solution for you.

Using Page Menu Plugin you don’t have to code in template file ,  you just have to specify in metabox that what menu and menu items you need on and on what menu location.

PageMenu : Different Nav Menu on specific pages

open the page in editor > select location > select menu > select menu items.
Page Menu will itself display the menu of your choice for your specific page or post .It supports  post , page , post types

Steps to show specific nav menu on specific pages and posts

  1. Create one or more menus from appearance > menus
  2. Assign the menu to menu location from appearance > menus > manage locations
  3. Create a new post or edit existing one
  4. In post editor you will see the Page Menu post meta box
  5. Choose Location > Menu
  6. Uncheck menu items you don’t want to display on that specific post

right now its limitation is not to work on taxonomy , terms , home and category pages but depends upon its download we will add this feature in near future.

if you have any trouble using it or you need some additional feature , just drop the message in comment box