Mashable Like wordpress theme 2013

Bayside –is mashable look like wordpress theme. Design by Progression Studio, it has professional look, mashable like left sidebar and infinite scroll. Bayside is suitable for magazine/news and portfolio. theme is fully responsive and acceptable by all kind of device. Its look is like mashable but it is not completely. Infinite scroll works only on archive page and index page and not on single page.It does not have share button like mashable.But regardless these limitation Progression Studio really did great job Continue reading “Mashable Like wordpress theme 2013”

IE bug: Object doesn't support this action for "item"

As a web developer we have to write codes supported by maximum or all browsers.A few people love Internet Explorer,and our clients do not wan to skip ie users. Although there are many reason to hate the ie .but this strange reason added o my dictionary today :  Object doesn’t support this action.

I was testing a shopify site and in pre-installed theme there was a JavaScript function that add items in cart the word “item” causing this error of Object doesn’t support this action.
this function works well in other browser like Firefox and chrome but in Internet explorer it fails.after testing it by developer console of internet explorer I got this


after a long search I found that item is reserved keyword for internet explorer, whether you are using internet explorer 8 ,ie 9 or ie 10 in any of your os xp vista ,window 7 or window8.
it is reserved can’t use item as javascript variable.

so the possible solution of this is to remove all javascript variable item with some other like itemx or cart item

item is reserved keyword for internet explorer you can find the proof in this blog post

so next time you stuck with Object doesn’t support this action thing then check whether it is reserved keyword or not.

Login with facebook and google php script

Login with Facebook and Google is not so much tricky .In this post we will discuss about facebook and google login in php with OAuth2 and at the end of the post you can download the utility( Login with Facebook and Google php script ).login with facebook and google php script free

while i was working on this project i encountered with some errors like:

  • Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Google_AuthException’ with message ‘Error fetching OAuth2 access token, message: ‘invalid_grant’
  • Page is not redirect properly during facebook login.

well “Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Google_AuthException’” this error was nothing but confliction of google OAuth with facebook login To resolve this we use a two way switch method.
when user login with facebook then we lock Google login and when user login with google then we lock Facebook login.

before Login with Facebook and Google You need to do some task at developer account of facebook and google

At Facebook End

  • Login your facebook.
  • Go To : Facebook Apps.
  • Now create a new apps there, in section Website with Facebook login enter the url where you want the data of Facebook user.
    login with facebook free php script

Now note api key and secret.

At Google end

  • login your google account
  • Go to manage domain
  • Add and verify your domain.after verification your domain will be active.
  • Go to google console.
  • In API Access Menu Create a client id.
  • Now check on web application , Enter your Doman and callback Uri where you want the data of google user.
    login with google phpscript free

Now note api key and secret.

How To Use login with Facebook and Google KIT

  • Open the facebook.config.php
  • Paste your apps id and secret.
require_once dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/facebook/facebook.php';

$facebook = new Facebook(array(

'appId' =>'your apps ID',

'secret' => 'App Secret',

'cookie' => true ,


  • For google Login open google.config.php
  • paste your site_name,oauth2_client_id,oauth2_client_secret and oauth2_redirect_uri.
global $apiConfig;
$apiConfig = array(

'site_name' => 'enter your domain name',
'oauth2_client_id' => 'client id',
'oauth2_client_secret' => 'client secret',
'oauth2_redirect_uri' => 'redirect uri',
'use_objects' => false,

for local database setup
edit config.php

$host = "your host";
$data_b ="your database name";
$db_user ="db username";
$db_pwd ="db password";

this Login with facebook and google php script is free and can be integrated with mvc system easily.
Now download for free happy coding.

Live Demo Download

Mashable Slider Clone Free WordPress Plugin [Development Stage]

Mashable slider always attracted me due to its amazing slider features .So i decided to make mashable slider clone free wordpress plugin.The mashable slider clone needs some logical coding and tricky tweak, and the best part is that after 1 week of coding and search we finally made it .Next challenging task before us was to design its admin panel. We used tn3 admin panel for this mashable slider. Although original mashable slider uses nextgen post gallery. But for simplicity and user friendly environment we used tn3, so that it can be more user friendly and easy for those who are not from technical background..

This post slider is very simple to use .You can upload multiple images at a time and assign them a album.To render this album just use the shortcode of that album, to use this just press the mash gallery button in your visual editor control.
[mash origin=”album” ids=”20″]

And now have a look at the backend, from where everything gets controlled in this mashable slider.
You may add multiple images, create your own albums and can give your site an attractive look as you ever dreamt of.

So here we discuss about the features of this mashable slider plugin in details.
Features of Mashable Slider Plugin:

1. Ads Code Enabled

2. Multiple Image uploader

3. Croping thumbnail Feasilbility

4. Image Sorting Enabled

5. Featured Button on Tiny MC available, so no shortcode required to be pasted

Detailed Description of the above features.

1. Ads Code enabled: This mashable slider plugin is so created that it provides the feature where you can place the code for Ads.

2. Multiple Image uploader: In this mashable slider you will have the feature of uploading multiple images.
multiple uploader

You can upload multiple images directly from your computer.

3. Cropping Thumbnail Feasibility: One of the special feature of this mashable slider is that you can edit the thumbnail from the image as you want.

Isn’t that amazing!

4. Image sorting via drag and drop: In the backend this mashable slider clone have the feature of image sorting where you just need to drag and drop the image in the series you want it to be sorted.

Vow! So now just with a dragdrop you may arrange the sorting.

5. Featured Button On TinyMC : Another remarkable feature of this mashable slider is that the featured button is available on TinyMC, from where just with one click you may have the direct code over your post, no need to cut copy the short code for this slider.

So this was a brief summary of this mashable slider clone. Now your site too may have this magic mashable slider that have attracted countless audience.
Have a look, and we will be happy to have your valuable feedback. You may comment and have your queries, we will happy to revert you.