jquery auto complete in notepad++ (auto suggestion)

by default feature of jquery auto complete  in notepad++ not provided . Before the trick to provide feature of jquery auto complete in notepad++.I want to give some introduction of notepad++ and why it is my favourite. Continue reading “jquery auto complete in notepad++ (auto suggestion)”

SelfDelete Executable In C#

In My Previous Project Keylogger Generator (How Keyloger steal your password ) I Discover The Code How To Create Self  Delete exe Before Explain It In C#, Let Me Explain Who Help Me,
I Got The Algorithm From http://www.catch22.net/tuts/selfdel.There Is Source Code In C++. Continue reading “SelfDelete Executable In C#”

Format Drive Using C#

Dot Net(.NET) does not have any internal assembly to format the windows drive. So technically using standards programming technique you can not perform format task with
VC++, VB or C# .But there is always an alternative 🙂  .
the format of windows drive in c# can be performed by using DOS COMMAND.

Source code is free to download 😉 .

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