PageMenu : Different Nav Menu on specific pages

WordPress allow only one menu for one location , But if you need specific nav menu on specific pages or post in then here is the solution.I have upgraded PageMenu after 2 years , with this  feature to show different nav menu on specific pages ,post and custom post with additional feature to hide or show specific menu item in selected menu . Continue reading “PageMenu : Different Nav Menu on specific pages”

23 lazy load effect for your wordpress

Month ago me and Theme Monster built Ripple LazyLoad wordpress plugin this plugin contain 23 lazy load effect for wordpress website. Ripple LazyLoad is helpful to those who want to stay with their current theme and want lazy load effect in the current theme. Continue reading “23 lazy load effect for your wordpress”

Mashable Like wordpress theme 2013

Bayside –is mashable look like wordpress theme. Design by Progression Studio, it has professional look, mashable like left sidebar and infinite scroll. Bayside is suitable for magazine/news and portfolio. theme is fully responsive and acceptable by all kind of device. Its look is like mashable but it is not completely. Infinite scroll works only on archive page and index page and not on single page.It does not have share button like mashable.But regardless these limitation Progression Studio really did great job Continue reading “Mashable Like wordpress theme 2013”