About Buffer Now

Buffer Now is a blog dedicated to those who create, maintain websites and code :
web developers, web designers, webmasters, and programmers.
Our aim is to make development easier and time saving by providing high quality
content and tricks and snippets . 

The website have been founded in June 2013, previous version was diaryofexperience
and mycomputerdiary.in Sharing experience of web and software development.

For any query and web development solution feel free to call

About Author

I’m a 25 years old web developer and software programmer. live in Chandigarh with my roomie. 

My first crush was on a non living thing i.e. computer, playing with scripts and programming
and I feel really lucky to maintain my love and passion in maintaining a long journey with it, and proud of it.

I love music, but with a meaning in rhythm, music that takes you in thoughts, creativity
and relaxation mode. Last but not the least I love pets.
Reason behind my love for pets is that they always have an innocent nature and heart to heart relation.

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