23 lazy load effect for your wordpress

Month ago me and Theme Monster built Ripple LazyLoad wordpress plugin this plugin contain 23 lazy load effect for wordpress website. Ripple LazyLoad is helpful to those who want to stay with their current theme and want lazy load effect in the current theme.

So Ripple Lazyload have 20+ Effects and you can apply these effect in any content type like post , text,widget links audio and video player . here is the list of effects Ripple Lazyload use

  1. Zoom In
  2. Slide Up
  3. Slide Left
  4. Quick Backwash
  5. Pop Up
  6. Move Up
  7. Half Rotate
  8. Full Rotate
  9. Follow Right
  10. Dance Updown
  11. Dance Left Right
  12. Corollary Left
  13. Catch Me Left
  14. Backwash
  15. Up Shot
  16. Jump
  17. Waves
  18. Super Macy
  19. Ripple
  20. Reflex
  21. Out Growth
  22. After Effect
  23. After Math

It has only one setting panel from there you can select you effect shortcode , after selection of shortcode you can add it in pages ,post ,custom post and widget.

Shorcode Argument :

  • Effect :-   Here popup is the effect name. You can change it manually.
  • Delay :-   timing of effect. this can also be changed manuallyshortcodeAnd if you want to use this plugin in your template files do_shortcode method will not work because Ripple LazyLoad use enclosing shortcodesto use in your template file use
    <?php if(function_exists(execute_myshortcode))  {   
     } ?>


    execute_myshortcode uses three parameter

    1. Content ( html )
    2. Effect
    3. Delay time

    and if your content is coming by a large php codes then use can use php Output Buffer

    <?php ob_start() ;?>
    Your php codes
    $content = ob_get_clean();
    if(function_exists(execute_myshortcode))  {
    else {
    echo $content ;

    here is the some samples to use it


    Here is its Live preview

    Live Demo

    This Plugin has some amazing lazy loading effect you should try that if your theme doesn’t have this feature. TinyMce Button for the shortcode is coming soon

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